GCSurplus is pleased to announce the launch of GCDonate, our latest divestment service offering!

GCDonate is GCSurplus’ online platform designed for the Government of Canada to advertise surplus moveable assets available for donation, making it possible for departments to connect with potential donation recipient organizations across Canada.

The new service aims to help government departments and agencies to donate surplus moveable assets to designated groups and organizations who support those in need. If you identify with any of the following groups or organizations, you may become eligible to receive donations via GCDonate:

  1. a Crown corporation, federal agency, provincial government, First Nation, or municipal government in Canada;
  2. a recognized charity or non-profit organization located in Canada; or
  3. for locations outside of Canada, to other national governments, treaty organizations of which Canada is a member, or the United Nations.

Please submit your request to register today and a GCSurplus representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.

If you already have a GCDonation account please login

If you already have a GCSurplus account and would like to register for GCDonation please login