Canadian Military Surplus Assets

GCMil, a group within GCSurplus, sells surplus military assets on behalf of the Department of National Defence (DND).

Assets are sold exclusively to pre-approved foreign governments, original equipment manufacturers, and their licensed representatives. Due to the controlled nature of the assets, GCMil does not sell any assets to individual persons.

Do you represent any of the following?
  • A pre-approved foreign government
  • An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) within the defence industry
  • A licensed representative of an OEM within the defence industry
  • A Canadian business registered with the Controlled Goods Program
  • An authorized Canadian collector or museum registered with the Controlled Goods Program
If your answer is no:
  • Occasionally, surplus military assets that have been demilitarized, and no longer considered controlled goods, are posted for sale on GCSurplus.ca.
  • Please visit GCSurplus.ca to view sales listings for non-controlled assets that may interest you.
If your answer is yes:
  • Please click on request to register today to complete your application; a GCSurplus representative will review your request to ensure your organization is eligible. Once approved, your organization will be able to start requesting items that are available......
  • Please contact GCMil@PWGSC-TPSGC.GC.CA by email for more information.