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1:18 Scale Cast Metal and Plastic Tesla Model X Model

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Lot details

1:18 Scale Cast Metal and Plastic Tesla Model X Model
Minimum bid:
Closing date:
20-January-2020 @ 9:05 a.m. EASTERN TIME
1 (box(es))
Description :

1:18 Scale Cast Metal and Plastic Tesla Model X Model

  • 1 1:18 Scale Tesla Model X Reproduction
  • Features
    • Tesla X P100D
    • Colour: metallic silver
    • Falcon Wing double-leaf doors
    • Interior with 3 rows and 7 seats
    • Die cast metal
    • Open doors, tailgate and hood
    • Rear spoiler actuating
    • 22" wheels
    • Rubber tires
    • Steerable wheels
    • Tailgate and interior covered with rug
    • Fabric security belts
  • Included in sale:
    • 1 certificate of authenticity
    • 1 black plastic handling tool
    • 1 clear plastic U-shaped wheel chock


  • We have no history regarding the general condition of the item.

  • This item has not been tested by GCSurplus and may require unknown parts or repairs.

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This item was forfeited to the Crown.

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GCSurplus Québec
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Marc Fortin
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