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Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel 2012-03 (former CCGS E.P. Le Québécois)
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Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel 2012-03 (former CCGS E.P. Le Québécois)
Closing Date: 26-February-2014 @ 3:30 p.m. EASTERN TIME
Quantity: 1 (unit(s))

2012-03 - Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel


  • Vessel Name: 2012-03, former CCGS E.P. Le Québécois
  • Vessel Type: Mid-shore Patrol Vessel
  • Official Number: 328387
  • Port of Registry: Ottawa
  • Call Sign: CG3130
  • Year Built: 1968, Chantiers Maritimes de Paspebiac, Paspebiac, Quebec
  • Modernization: 1994, Verreault Navigation Inc., Les Mechins, Quebec
  • Construction Material: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminum
  • Class Voyage: Coastal Class II
  • The vessel was taken out of service in August 2011 and is in a lay-up condition and secured to the dock at the Canadian Coast Guard base at Sorel Quebec.
  • The vessel completed a major refit (1994-1995) which included fitting of new main engine and ship service generators.


  • The condition and valuation survey was conducted on the vessel in March 2013 and the surveyor established the fair market value of the vessel between 120K and 140K. The market value report is available on request.


  • Length (LOA): 25.93 m
  • Breadth: 7.20 m
  • Depth: 3.78 m
  • Gross Tonnage (GRT): 201 t
  • Net Tonnage (NRT): 60 t
  • Cruising Range: 2800 nm
  • Endurance: 9.5 days
  • Cruising Speed: 10 kts
  • Maximum Speed 11knots
  • Fresh Water Capacity 24.4 m3
  • Fuel Capacity: 35.6 m3
  • Fuel Consumption: 4.2 m3/day
  • The vessel contains approximately 16,800 L of diesels fuel
  • Marine Distillate Onboard (ALL TYPES)


  • Propulsion system is a single diesel engine through a control pitch gear box with line shafting and controllable pitch propeller
  • Main Engine: One (1) Caterpillar, V-8 model, 3508-DITA, 414 kw


  • Two (2) Ship Service Generators - Caterpillar 3304, 75kw each
  • One (1) Harbour Generator, Perkins, 50 kw
  • Shore Power and Switchboard


  • Radar Bridgemaster
  • Auto Pilot Anschutz, Compilot 18
  • Intercom PhonTech
  • Standard Compass Periscope
  • Speed log Raymarine
  • Radio Direction Finder (RDF), Cubic Communications
  • Weather Fax, JAX-9A
  • GPS Northstar
  • GMDSS Receiver, Navtex
  • VHF Radio, McMurdo
  • Two (2) Depth Sounders, Skipper GDS101
  • HF SSB Radio, Skanti
  • Gyro Compass, Anschutz Kiel
  • Radio, Horizon Spectrum
  • There are no trade restrictions on the electronic Navigation and Communication equipment remaining aboard the vessel.
  • NOTE: Operation of radio, wireless and radar transmitters is subject to licensing by the department of communications, telecommunications regulations branch. The sale of this equipment does not imply that it is acceptable for licensing.


  • The navigation deck forward is fitted with two (2) Anchor windlass complete with controller. The working deck aft is fitted with one (1) Heila Deck Crane, SWL 1.1 tons @ 7.7m. The vessel is equipped with a tow winch and net hauler in addition to an over the stern boarding craft launching and recovery system.


  • Fuel System, Compressed Air System, Fire / Ballast and Deck Wash System, Bilge System, Fire Fighting System, Sanitary System, Hydraulic System, Domestic Fresh Water System, Bow Thruster. The vessel does not have a HVAC system; the accommodation spaces are heated by electric heaters and ventilated by fans.


  • Engine Room and Paint Locker: Fitted CO2 Smothering System
  • Galley: Exhaust Pyro-Chem PCL 65 Suppression System
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • NOTE: The firefighting systems and related equipment will require servicing and certification


  • Seven (7) Cabins
  • Lavatory on all decks
  • One (1) Office,
  • One (1) Change Room
  • One (1) Galley with Pantry
  • One (1) Mess Room
  • Not included in the sale
    • Security devices, if any, temporarily fitted aboard for the lay up are not included in the sale and will be removed preceding the sale of the vessel and acceptance by the purchaser. These items will be clearly identified to all potential purchasers.


  • TC Safety Inspection: Oct. 31, 2011
  • TC Certificate of Registry: 2015
  • TC Radio Inspection Certificate: March 28, 2012
  • TC Certificate of Test and Examination of Cranes, Hoists or Accessories: Sept. 12, 2011


  • General Arrangement (GA) Diagrams
  • Condition Survey (March 2013)
  • Asbestos Survey (March 2006)
  • Environmental Audit (March 2013)
  • Transport Canada Division 3 Report
  • NOTE: The Groupe Gestor Poirier, Pinchin LeBlanc Inc. performed an asbestos survey on the vessel, no friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials were identified.

  • Contact Jean Crête to obtain copies of the above documents:
    • Telephone: 514-283-6211
    • Email:
Additional Comments:

Minimum Price

  1. The purchaser acknowledges that the vessel is being purchased for refurbishment and eventual re-use. If the eventual intent of the purchase is to recycle the vessel, it must not be exported and must be recycled by an authorized ship recycler in Canada or the United States. The Purchaser also agree to notify Canada of any such intention prior to commencing recycling.
  2. A reserve minimum bid of $75,000 Canadian dollars is placed on 2012-03, former CCGS E.P. Le Québécois.
  3. In the event that the minimum bid price is not met by any bidder, GCSurplus may consider bid submissions for a lower amount.
  4. If GCSurplus determines that any of these bid submissions for a lower amount is/are acceptable, it may offer the item to those bidders upon the terms and conditions of their bid submissions, or it may enter into negotiation with such bidders for the final sale of those items

Security Deposit

  1. A $10,000.00 Non refundable security deposit in the form of a certified cheque, bank draft or money order, payable to "Receiver General for Canada", must be submitted to GCSurplus Center, within 48 hours of the sale being awarded. If the deposit is not received within the 48 hr timeframe the bid will be invalid. Full payment is due 15 calendar days after the sale has been awarded.

Mandatory Vessel Registration with Transport Canada

  1. The vessel will be registered under the purchaser's name and address that appears on the bill of sale. If this is a company purchase, register your company with GCSurplus and ensure that the account is under the company's name.
  2. Purchaser's name and address are captured from GCSurplus "Registration" information, and Bidders are responsible for ensuring that registration information is accurate. Any amendments to registration must be made prior to placing a bid, as registration information cannot be edited with sales pending. The vessel cannot be registered in both a personal name and a company name.
  3. In order to complete the vessel registration process:
    • The Purchaser must, within 10 days of receiving the GCSurplus Bill of Sale, properly complete and return to the Vessel Registration Office the following:
    1. TC Form 3 - Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration
    2. TC Form 14 - Appointment of Authorized Representative, if necessary;
    3. Any other documentation requested by the Vessel Registration Office.
    4. Pay the appropriate fees.
  4. GCSurplus will, within 5 business days of issuing the GCSurplus Bill of sale to the Purchaser, issue a Transport Canada (TC) Bill of Sale. The original TC Bill of Sale is forwarded to the Vessel Registration Office and a copy also sent to the Purchaser. The Vessel Registration is located at the address mentionned below.
  5. Transport CanadaMarine Safety (AMSED)
    Vessel Registration Office
    Tower C, Place de Ville
    330 Sparks Street, 10th Floor
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0N8

Please Note:

  1. To avoid unnecessary delays in the registration process the Purchaser must, upon receiving the electronic GCSurplus Bill of Sale, contact Vessel Registration Office at" or by phone at 1-877-242-8770, with regards to the classification of the vessel.
    1. Information on obtaining a Certificate of Registry and copies of the forms that must be completed are availabe at:
  2. It takes approximately 40 days to complete the vessel registration process. The Purchaser must therefore ensure that the registration process is finalized within 50 days of the issuance of the GCSurplus Bill of Sale. The Purchaser must take possession of the vessel within 10 days after the Certificate of Registry is issued from the Vessel Registration Office.
  3. . Failure to comply with these removal conditions constitutes a breach of contractual obligations pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions ("General Terms and Conditions of Agreement" section #5). Extensions are available only in exceptional circumstances and only with the written consent of CCG.

Note :

  1. For more information on Service Standards for Marine Safety, please visit the following website:
  2. Should the Purchaser have any questions or concerns regarding vessel registration, please call the Transport Canada toll free number at 1-877-242-8770.


  1. Viewings will be held by appointment only and must be booked in advance by contacting the Canadian Coast Guard representative:
    • Carolyn Morelli, Vessel Disposal Officer
    • Telephone: 514-283-0528
    • Email:
  2. Any individual boarding the vessel must participate in a safety briefing, must wear steel toe boots, a safety vest, a hard hat and he/she must present government issued picture identification at time of viewing.
  3. The vessel is currently laid-up and is located at the dock of the CCG in Sorel-Tracy, Québec.
  4. Surveys, audits, GA diagrams, photographs, and other documents may reference items that are no longer on board the vessel, and inventory lists may not be exhaustive.

Transfer of Ownership

  1. Ownership of the vessel transfers from Canada to the Purchaser once payment in full is made, and the Purchaser will forthwith be responsible for loss and damages to the vessel (including the duration of the mandatory registration process). It is recommended that the Purchaser purchase applicable insurances for this period.
  2. The ownership, not possession of the vessel, will transfer from Canada to the Purchaser once payment for the vessel is made in full.

Loss or Damage

  1. The Purchaser is responsible for any loss or damages to the Vessel from the time full payment is made to the time when ownership transfer is complete. It is recommended that the Purchaser purchase applicable insurances for this period.

Prior to Removal

  1. Prior to removal, the buyer must produce a copy of the Certificate of Registry issued by Transport Canada. The client/ GCSurplus will not release the ship without assurance from the Registrar that Transfer of Ownership has been recorded in the Register. Foreign buyers are responsible for deleting the ship from the Register.
  2. Before the removal of the vessel the Purchaser must also show proof of marine insurance for the 2012-03 (former CCGS EP Le Québécois).

Wharfage Fees

  1. Wharfage and electricity fees at the location of the vessel shall be assumed by the Purchaser 10 days after the Certificate of Registry is issued from the Chief Vessel Registration Office. Wharfage fees are $100 Canadian dollars a day. Once the transfer of ownership has been completed if the new owner is unable to remove the vessel due to ice conditions wharfage fees and electricity fees shall be assumed by the Purchaser 10 days after the ice has cleared from Sorel.

Taking Possession

  1. The Purchaser must take possession of the vessel within 10 days after the Certificate of Registry is issued from the Vessel Registration Office. After 10 days, the Purchaser will pay the wharfage fee in full prior to the removal of the Vessel to client in the form of a certified cheque or bank draft made payable to the Receiver General for Canada.


  1. For the removal, the new owner must use a towing company with a $1million Canadian dollars liability policy and ensure a suitable size towing vessel to tow the 2012-03. Any damage to Government of Canada property during the towing operation is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.

of Asset(s):
Fisheries & Oceans
Canadian Coast Guard
Sorel Base
15, rue Prince
Sorel , QC     J3P 4P4
Contact : Carolyn Morelli
GCSurplus Sales Rep: Jean Crête
Sale Account: R3MO0009767
Lot Number: 2012-03
Payment: The Purchaser agrees to make any payment requested by the Minister within 3 calendar days from the date of such request and prior to removal of any of the property.
Removal: The Purchaser, upon acceptance of this offer by the Minister and after payment in full has been received by the Minister, shall at his expense, pack, load and remove the property by the date indicated on the Bill of Sale or, if no date is shown, within 5 calendar days after the date the Bill of Sale is issued.
This sale is subject to all of the clauses outlined in the GCSurplus General Terms and Conditions A , unless General Terms and Conditions B are cited.