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Sold For:
Assorted Electronic Equipment
Minimum bid:
Closing date:
08-March-2018 @ 1:52 p.m. EASTERN TIME
1 (lot(s))
Description :

Assorted Electronic Equipment - EQU-1718-68

  • 10 Speaker's Stands Bose
  • 24 IR Interpretation Radiator Brahler MIC ICS
  • 9 Wired Mics Bosch 1080
  • 11 Bases for Wired mics Bosch WK 0721 - 1163
  • 2 IR Interpretation Radiator Brahler - ICI Imfracom
  • 1 Interpretation Radiator Brahler BC74/9 DIGIMIX ICS M95/44
  • 1 DIGIT RAPID Stream
  • 2 Audio Distributor Kramer VM-10AN
  • 5 Audio Distributor Kramer 50vn
  • 1 Audio Distributor Kramer VP -725DSA VP-725DSA
  • 2 Audio Distributor Kramer VP 501XL
  • 2 FSR CVD Composite Video Distribution AM NJ07424
  • 1 Video Audio Distributor Kramer SWITCHER 725DA
  • 1 Wireless Micro Kits with Road Case 12138
  • 1 Overhead Acetate projector HID zoom 15-30 11555
  • 2 Ceilingwall Speaker Mounts 11537
  • 1 DBX 1046 Quad Compressor 1046
  • 1 Acoustic Peavey Mx - 11749577
  • 6 Draper Spaceland Indiana 1-F/C DR450
  • 20 Access Columbris Map-320
  • 1 Switcher distributor 4470438
  • 1 Scan Convertor Sony DSC DSC-1024HD
  • 2 Video Scaler Extron CROSSPOINT RS232/RS422
  • 1 Video Scaler Extron IN 1502
  • 1 Crest Audio analyzer 1445
  • 1 Strand Lighting Consol 100 1378
  • 1 VGA Booster Extron AA P 102 11255
  • 8 Lamp system Nexie 9137
  • 2 CF/CD recorder Roland Z 84051 12457
  • 1 Multiple Processor Fx Lexicon V0800-23567
  • 2 Powered Speakers Road C 01384/01385
  • 1 Wireless Mic Base Shure Mixer M67 M67
  • 1 VCR LIVE PELCO Genex MX404CD
  • 1 AVP MFG RPT 96N US patent N0 5730618
  • 1 Audio CREST Control power supply VA05U3-0011344
  • 1 AUDIO ConTrol Allen Heath GR0511500454
  • 30 Q Wizdom
  • 3 Draper Spaceland 1-F/C DR450
  • 1 Wireless Mic Base Shure UHF U4D UA 12398
  • 8 Stands KNMcolumb non-powered speakers 11031
  • 1 Wireless Micro Kits with Road Case 12138
  • 1 Presentation Switcher 11408
  • 1 Matrix Switcher Extro 11083
  • 1 Touch Streem Digital rapids 4420
  • 1 CD Recorder Canon LV 7565

  • Approximate quantities.
  • 2 Skids total.
  • The client department has declared that the projectors have not been tested.
  • They may require repairs, parts and/or accessories.

Additional comments:
  1. For information and an appointment to view, please call the contact listed.
  2. Appointments to view and pick-up are mandatory, no exceptions.
  3. The lot is located in a secure building and pick up appointments requires a 24 hours notice prior to pick up.
  4. Inspection and pick up times are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm, unless specified otherwise.
  5. The entire lot must be picked up in a single trip.
  6. Purchaser must come equipped and prepared with proper equipment to pick up the lot from the building, example: dollies, carts, vehicle and/or trucks, as well as proper amount of staff/help for the move.
  7. Purchasers who arrive unprepared will be refused.


Location of asset(s):
11 Laurier Street
Gatineau , QC     J9R 2K3
Gatineau, QC

The exact location of this sale could not be determined. Please contact the GCSurplus sales rep for more information.

Contact :
Alexandre Plouffe
GCSurplus sales rep:
Chantal McCarthy
Sale account:
Lot number:
The Purchaser agrees to make any payment requested (see available payment options) by the Minister within 3 calendar days from the date of such request and prior to removal of any of the property.
The Purchaser, upon acceptance of this offer by the Minister and after payment in full has been received by the Minister, shall at his expense, pack, load and remove the property by the date indicated on the bill of sale or, if no date is shown, within 5 calendar days after the date the bill of sale is issued.


This sale is subject to all of the clauses outlined in the GCSurplus General terms and conditions A , unless General terms and conditions B are cited.
The Purchaser must also pay particular attention to the following clauses.
Clause No. Description

All sales are final. No purchased Goods may be returned and no requests for reimbursement in whole or in part will be accepted.


The item(s) described herein are being sold offsite and not from a GCSurplus Sales Centre. For all offsite sales, Canada is responsible for making the sale items accessible for removal. They are under no obligation to provide assistance of any kind. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure they have the proper labour and material handling equipment to facilitate the removal. Failure to comply with this condition of sale may lead to the Purchaser being turned away and the items and funds being forfeited.