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Lot of Assorted Lights
Sold For (CAD):
1 (lot(s))
Location :
Astra, ON
Sale / Lot :
R2TO0012394 - 2-18797- LS
Closing date:
27-May-2022 @ 3:16 p.m.


Sold For (CAD):
Lot of Assorted Lights
Minimum bid:
Closing date:
27-May-2022 @ 3:16 p.m.
1 (lot(s))
Description :
  • Quantities and models:
    • 3 Grote lights
      • Part number: 49072
    • 4 Grote red repl box lamps
      • Part number: 53792
    • 5 sealed beam headlamps 28 V
      • Part number: 6014
    • 9  sealed beam off-road lighting 12 V
      • Part number: 4435
    • 3 sealed beam off-road lighting 28 V
      • Part number: 4505
    • 3 Mil-Quip light/mirror
      • Part number: MQ-8803906-BL
    •  3 Grote replacement lens
      • Part number: 91302
    • 3 red lamps 24 V
      • Part number: CH 98742
    • 12 lens stop
      • Part number: 731770
    • 2 Grote snow plow lamps
      • Part number: 63451-4
    • 5 LMP-T/S MDL 60
      • Part number: N/a
    • 1 Dominion auto lamp
      • Part number: 71-4009
    • 4 sealed beam lamps 4.7 V
      • Part number: 4546
    • 5 Caterpillar sealed beam lights
      • Part number: 11083, 2M4168
    • 1 Caterpillar lamp 1M5898
      • Part number: 24V4578
    • 1 sealed beam light
      • Part number: H6024
    • 2 Grote lights
      • Part number: 6493
    • 2 Philips sealed beam lights
      • Part number: 46
    • 5 Radias lamps 20 V
      • Part number: N/a
    • 3 GE lamps 21 V
      • Part number: H140
    • 1 Grote light
      • Part number: N/a
    • 1 Grote light
      • Part number: 35272, 71-2026
    • 1 Dominion auto light
      • Part number: 35272, 71-2026
    • 4 tractor lamp 12 V/12.8 V
      • Part number: 4440/4440X
    • 1 GE sealed beam flood lamp 13 V
      • Part number: 4478
    • 1 GE sealed beam lamp 28 V
      • Part number: 4800, 28 V
  • Condition: Unused
Additional comments:
  1. Viewing and removal by appointment only on Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ; and on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., except on holidays.
  2. No shipping, pickup on site only.
  3. Viewing advised.
  4. Alternate contact: Pete Larue at 613-392-2811 ext. 3934.
  5. You must send "Authorization to Release" (ATR) signed and dated via Email or Fax by purchaser prior to item being pickup by a Third Party. Item will not be released without a signed ATR.

Location and Contacts
Location of asset(s):
46 Portage Dr Bldg 162
Astra , ON     k0k 3w0
Astra, ON

The exact location of this sale could not be determined. Please contact the GCSurplus sales rep for more information.

Contact :
Tammy Murdoch
613-392-2811 (ext:2206)
GCSurplus sales rep:
Lucas Shave
Sale account:
Lot number:
2-18797- LS
Payment and Removal
The Purchaser agrees to make any payment requested (see available payment options) by the Minister within 3 business days from the date of such request and prior to removal of any of the property.
The Purchaser, upon acceptance of this offer by the Minister and after payment in full has been received by the Minister, shall at their expense, pack, load and remove the property by the date indicated on the bill of sale or, if no date is shown, within 5 business days after the date the bill of sale is issued.
Sales Clauses

This sale is subject to all of the clauses outlined in the GCSurplus

General terms and conditions A , unless General terms and conditions B are cited.
The Purchaser must also pay particular attention to the following clauses.
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All sales are final. No purchased Goods may be returned and no requests for reimbursement in whole or in part will be accepted.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Buyers are advised to contact each asset custodian listed on the sale to determine what viewing and pick-up directions are in place as instructions may vary from location to location. The item(s) described herein are being sold offsite and not from a GCSurplus Sales Centre. For all offsite sales, Canada is responsible for making the sale items accessible for removal. They are under no obligation to provide assistance of any kind. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure they have the proper labour and material handling equipment to facilitate the removal. Failure to comply with this condition of sale may lead to the Purchaser being turned away and the items and funds being forfeited.