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Lot details

Sold For:
Caterpillar Telescopic Power Lift
Minimum bid:
Closing date:
15-December-2017 @ 3:19 p.m. EASTERN TIME
Serie 5PF
VIN/Serial number:
4397 HOURS
  • Telescopic Power Lift
    • Engine : diesel
    • Width : 2.3 m X Height : 2.4 m X - Lenght : 4.65 m
    • Weight : 6 954 kg
    • Includes : Forks and dipper
    • Recent tires (approximately 100 hours used)
    • Stored since June 2017
    • Owner's manual included

  • Known problems
    • Defective transmission
    • The fuel tank has been repared (it was perforated ).
    • Rust all around the body.
    • The equipment has to be towed.

Additional comments:
  1. Vehicle inspection is by appointment, by phone at 418-538-5253, Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.
  2. Buyers who have not made an appointment will be denied access to the vehicle.
  3. The buyer must present an identity card with his photo
  4. For pickup, labor, handling and necessary equipment is at the expense of the buyer.
  5. Equipment must be towed.
  6. This vehicle is sold used, without mechanical inspection, and may require unknown repairs.
  7. This was a Parks Canada vehicle.
  8. This vehicle is currently in storage and has already been registered with the Province of Quebec.
  9. Please note that the name that appears on the GCSurplus account will be the name that will appear on the vehicle registration.
  10. If you are acting on behalf of a company, make sure your GCSurplus account is registered in the name of the company.


Location of asset(s):

The exact location of this sale could not be determined. Please contact the GCSurplus sales rep for more information.

Contact :
Steeve Vigneault
418-538-3331 (ext:240)
GCSurplus sales rep:
Jean Crête
Sale account:
Lot number:
The Purchaser agrees to make any payment requested (see available payment options) by the Minister within 3 calendar days from the date of such request and prior to removal of any of the property.
The Purchaser, upon acceptance of this offer by the Minister and after payment in full has been received by the Minister, shall at his expense, pack, load and remove the property by the date indicated on the bill of sale or, if no date is shown, within 5 calendar days after the date the bill of sale is issued.


This sale is subject to all of the clauses outlined in the GCSurplus General terms and conditions A , unless General terms and conditions B are cited.
The Purchaser must also pay particular attention to the following clauses.
Clause No. Description

All sales are final. No purchased Goods may be returned and no requests for reimbursement in whole or in part will be accepted.


With the exception of authorized dealers and registered recyclers, vehicle ownership transfer must occur prior to the vehicle being released to the owner. This transfer must be completed by the owner, who will also be responsible for any and all mandatory vehicle inspections.


The item(s) described herein are being sold offsite and not from a GCSurplus Sales Centre. For all offsite sales, Canada is responsible for making the sale items accessible for removal. They are under no obligation to provide assistance of any kind. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure they have the proper labour and material handling equipment to facilitate the removal. Failure to comply with this condition of sale may lead to the Purchaser being turned away and the items and funds being forfeited.