GCDonate: Frequently asked questions

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  1. What is GCDonate?

    GCDonate is a web-based tool for Government of Canada departments and agencies to advertise surplus assets available for donation to designated groups and organizations. Assets available for donation could include a wide variety of items, such as office equipment or clothing.

  2. Why did GCSurplus create GCDonate?

    GCDonate was created to provide Government of Canada departments with a modern and efficient tool to support the responsible reuse of surplus moveable assets through donation to designated groups and organizations.

  3. Who can receive a donation?

    Donations can be made to eligible organizations that fall in the following categories:

    1. A Crown corporation, federal agency, provincial and territorial governments, First Nation, or municipal government in Canada;
    2. A recognized charity or non-profit organization located in Canada; or
    3. Other national governments, treaty organizations of which Canada is a member, or the United Nations.


  4. Who can access GCDonate?

    Government of Canada employees responsible for managing government’ assets can access and post items on GCDonate.

    The general public can view items available for donations via the GCSurplus.ca website. 

    Eligible organizations may request to be considered to receive Government of Canada donations.

  5. Do I have to register with GCSurplus to request an item for donation?

    No. Anyone can view items available for donation and organizations eligible to receive Government of Canada donations may be considered without formal registration to the GCSurplus.ca website. 

  6. How do I request an item listed on GCDonate?

    Requests for donation(s) are made directly to the department donating the asset(s). Departmental contact information is provided in the donations listing under “Contact Information”. 

    Requests for additional information on items available for donation must also be made directly to the department donating the asset(s).

  7. Who decides who receives a donation?

    The department donating the asset decides who receives it. All federal departments and agencies are responsible for establishing their own respective recipient selection criteria, in accordance with applicable Government of Canada policies.

    In choosing recipients to donate, departments should consider fairness, transparency and value to the Canadian taxpayer.

  8. How do I take possession of an item I am receiving through GCDonate?

    Once your request for donation has been accepted, the donating department will coordinate the logistics for the pick-up/delivery and for the transfer of ownership of the asset. 

    The recipient organization(s) may be responsible for cost(s) associated with the donation, such as pickup and delivery and shipping and handling costs.

    Donations are to be made on an as-is-and-where-is basis, and the recipient will be required to sign an agreement to this regard.

  9. What types of items will be made available for donation?

    All Government of Canada donations must be in accordance with the Treasury Board Secretariat Directive on the Management of Materiel and approved at the respective Departmental level(s) prior to listing for donation through GCSurplus.

    Items for donation may include:

    • Low-value surplus moveable assets that will receive the greatest use or do the greatest good (to the extent possible);
    • Non-capital assets;
    • Assets that have surpassed their expected life.