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About GCSurplus

GCSurplus sells moveable assets like working electronics, office equipment, vehicles as well as moveable capital assets like ships and planes for over 100 federal Departments and Agencies. The Treasury Board Directive on the Disposal of Surplus Materiel states that:
  • PWGSC is also responsible for the provision of strategic, procedural, and technical advice on the disposal of surplus materiel. Call us!
  • GCSurplus is not responsible for and does not dispose of federally-owned buildings or land. Not us!

GCSurplus Online- Register now with GCSurplus

  • GCSurplus is an online, closed bidding system. It allows buyers to view, bid and buy federal government surplus goods on the Internet.
  • Buyers also have the option to visit one of GCSurplus's nine sales centers to view and inspect sale items.

What We Do

  • GCSurplus has 10 offices and eight warehouses located across the country to support its clients. The warehouses are staging areas for surplus and seized goods waiting to be sold to Canadians via it's web site. Surplus items can also be sold from the client department’s location but are still listed on with a clear description and images.
  • On, buyers can register to receive email notifications of availability of items of interest and can search for items by region or by one of the 40 commodity groups.


  • GCSurplus currently operates a free paper recycling and secure destruction program for client departments and agencies in the National Capital Region called PaperSave. In 2011-12, this program recovered over 10 thousand metric tons of paper, making GCSurplus the largest nonmunicipal recycler in Canada.

GCSurplus does not sell E-Waste

  • GCSurplus does not sell non-functional electronics, or E-Waste. The disposal of E-Waste is the client department’s responsibility via the NMSO or approved provincial programs. GCSurplus does manage the re-use and disposal of wireless devices, like Blackberries, and is working with OGDs to dispose of hard drives and other shredded electronic material.
  • GCSurplus sells volume scrap materials like metal, wood, rubber, textiles, batteries, tires etc. and can sell these for you via individual sale or a period contract.

Disposal of Seized Goods

  • GCSurplus also disposes of seized goods on behalf of federal and provincial law enforcement agencies. In 2011, its sales of seized goods were in excess of $3.2 million.