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Learn how to register for GCSurplus and bid on, pay for and receive an item.

  • Register for GCSurplus

    To bid on items for sale, you must complete the online registration form.
    Registration is free.

    Once you submit the online form, you will receive an email confirming that your account is active.

  • Sign up for email notifications
    Follow these steps to receive GCSurplus email notifications:
    1. Log in to GCSurplus
    2. Select “My GCSurplus account”
    3. Select “Update email notifications” to select your filter criteria
    4. Select “Update my email settings” to save your changes

    To stop getting email notifications, unselect all filter criteria or select “Clear all.” You may also change your email notification settings by following the same steps and selecting different filter criteria.

  • Update your account information
    To make changes to your GCSurplus account information:
    1. Log in to GCSurplus
    2. Select “Edit your account” to edit your personal information
    3. Select “Update” to save your changes

    You may only update your account information while you have no open bids in the system. The maximum lock-out period is 30 days.

    You may also wish to cancel your account.

  • Search for an item
    To find items for sale on GCSurplus:
    1. Browse items for sale
    2. Search for items by keyword, location, posting or closing date or commodity group
    3. Select the item to display its listing
  • Learn about an item

    Each listing provides the name and contact information of the GCSurplus sales representative responsible for that item.

    The sales representative can provide more information about the item, and can sometimes arrange for you to view and inspect the item.

  • Bid on an item

    You must be registered to bid on an item. Unregistered users can view items but can’t bid on them.

    1. Log in to GCSurplus
    2. Browse items for sale
    3. Enter your bid in the field near the top of the page
    4. Select “Enter bid” to place your bid
    5. Select “Confirm bid” to confirm your bid

    Important information on bidding

    Once you select “Confirm bid,” you are entering into a legally binding contract. If you are the successful bidder, you must agree to buy the item as per the terms and conditions of use and the terms and conditions of sale.

    As well, your bid amount:

    • must be greater than or equal to the minimum dollar amount of the bid
    • must be unique
    • although you can’t see what others have bid, you will be notified if you bid the same amount as someone else
    • should not include any taxes or shipping charges
  • Change your bid

    You can’t remove or cancel your bid, but you can raise or lower your bid before the sale closes.

    1. Log in to GCSurplus
    2. Select “Current bids” to view a list of items you have bid on
    3. Select the item you want to rebid on
    4. Enter your bid in the field near the top of the page
    5. Select “Enter bid” to place your bid
    6. Select “Confirm bid” to confirm your bid

    What to do if you change your mind about a bid

    Although you cannot withdraw a bid, you may change it before the sale closes. Try reducing your bid to the minimum amount. If another bidder has already bid the minimum amount, try adding one cent at a time until the system approves your new bid. You may still have to buy the item, but it will cost you less.

  • Follow your bid

    GCSurplus is a “closed-bidding” system, so you are the only one who may view your bid.

    1. Log in to GCSurplus
    2. Select “Current bids” to view a list of items you have bid on
  • Pay for an item

    If you’re the successful bidder, you’ll receive an acceptance of offer by email within 48 hours of the sale closing. The acceptance of offer will include your invoice and payment instructions.

    Your invoice will include any applicable federal and provincial sales tax, calculated based on the amount you bid. Contact the Canada Revenue Agency if you think you are eligible for a rebate of the provincial part of the HST.

    You can pay online by credit, Interac debit card or Visa debit card. Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted.

    GCSurplus accepts the following credit cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express

    You can also pay at some sales centres by credit or debit card, certified cheque, money order or cash. You must bring a valid piece of government-issued photo identification. Sales representatives cannot accept payments over the phone.

    Once you have paid for the item in full, GCSurplus will send you a bill of sale.

  • Arrange to ship or pick up your item

    Shipping is not offered on all items. The listing would state “Shipping available for this sale” if it were offered.

    Purolator handles shipping on behalf of GCSurplus. If you opt to use this shipping service, the applicable provincial tax rates in the destination province will apply to the shipping cost. If shipping is unavailable, you may:

    • pick up your item personally
    • send a third-party representative to pick up your item
    • send a courier to pick up your item

    To pick up your item, your third-party representative or courier must bring the bill of sale and a valid piece of government-issued photo identification .

    Please advise your GCSurplus sales representative in advance if you will be sending a courier to pick up your item.