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Terms and Conditions

As a registered user of GCSci, you agree that you will provide true and accurate information about yourself, at the registration stage such as your name, your address, phone number(s), e-mail address and password. Your personal information is protected under the Privacy Act.

When you click "I agree", you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use for the GCSurplus Client Interface (GCSci).

You also certify that you will abide by your departmental authorities regarding the disposal of surplus federal assets.

When you declare Goods (assets) surplus, you certify that you are requesting that the Minister of Public Works and Government Services (PWGSC), acting through GCSurplus, dispose of your organisation's surplus Goods listed below pursuant to the Surplus Crown Assets Act, and that these assets have been determined surplus to your requirements.

With respect to the surplus Goods you list on GCSci you further certify that, as applicable, you have complied with the terms and conditions prescribed by Treasury Board and that:

  1. the Goods do not contain any hazardous contaminants that would prohibit their sale;
  2. the assets comply with the Policy on Government Security and are clear of all forms of classified and designated information including personal, corporate or commercial information as well as government and departmental property markings;
  3. the Goods comply with:
  4. the Goods are not subject to Controlled Goods Registration Program / International Traffic in Arms Regulations, unless clearly identified as such;
  5. if a Government Department or Agency, the Goods are the property of His Majesty, under its custody or control;

Users of the GCSci are not to represent themselves as sales agents of Canada and must respond to requests for information in a fair and transparent manner.

Misrepresentation of Goods

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to accurately represent the condition of the Goods you are selling when listing them on the Request for Sale and that you may be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of a cancelled sale or refund due to misrepresentation.

Minimum Bids

You acknowledge that any minimum bid provided on the Report of Surplus for the surplus Goods shall not be interpreted as an estimation of the value of the Goods and may be modified if the item does not sell within the allocated timeframe.

Inspection of Goods

You acknowledge that when Goods are sold from the client department site, there may be a need for the Custodian to allow inspection of the Goods prior to the closing date of the sale. These inspections would be the responsibility of the Bidder and may be arranged by appointment only during regular office hours with the custodian of the Goods at the location(s) indicated on the sale listing.

Removal of Goods

You acknowledge that you are aware of the policy that the Purchaser must present an Authority to Release document, the Bill of Sale and a valid piece of government-issued photo identification to the Custodian representative at the time of the removal of the Goods.

Membership on GCSurplus

GCSurplus is a fair and transparent online auction site available to all Canadians, including federal government employees and their families. GCSurplus staff and PWGSC can not and will not police the purchasing activity of federal employees. Federal government employees must abide by policies set by their individual departments. Where such policies do not exist, GCSci users must abide by existing conflict of interest guidelines and their own code of ethical conduct.

Conflict of Interest

The GCSci user acknowledges that they are subject to the provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act, (S.C. 2006, c. 9, s .2), the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service and all other codes of values and ethics applicable within specific organizations and cannot derive any direct benefit resulting from the sale of the Goods they are declaring surplus.

Unfair Advantage Clause

As a GCSci user, you must not influence, seek to influence or otherwise take part in a decision of Canada knowing that the decision might further your private interest. If a GCSurplus Sales Representative is of the opinion that a conflict of interest exists as a result of any information brought to his/her attention, he or she may report the matter or cancel the sale.