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  • What is GCTransfer?

    GCTransfer is a web-based application designed to assist the Materiel Management community with the physical transfer of surplus federal assets.

  • Why did GCSurplus create GCTransfer?

    GCSurplus created the GCTransfer tool in response to demand from the Materiel Management community.

  • Who can access GCTransfer?

    GCTransfer is available to all federal government employees.

  • How do we record the transfer of an asset in the departmental financial management systems?
    (Answer provided by Treasury Board)

    For accounting and reporting purposes, all interdepartmental transfers must be recorded at the asset's net book value (including a NBV of zero) in the transferring and receiving departmental financial management systems. The accounting for these transfers is outlined in the Supplement to the FIS manual ( This accounting entry should be used regardless whether the transferring department is transferring at book value, at market value or gratuitously. Your departmental Corporate Accounting and Reporting Sector within the CFO Branch should be notified of the inter-departmental transfers so that the proper accounting treatment can be applied.

    As stated in the above-mentioned Supplement, any agreed upon amount between the transferring and receiving departments that is above zero may be exchanged through vote transfers. This is a separate process because vote transfers can only be accessed through Estimates. Your departmental Resource Management Sector within the CFO Branch should be notified of the inter-departmental transfers in order to pursue access to the agreed upon amount. There is no accounting entry to record any gain or loss for interdepartmental transfer of crown surplus asset since the transfer is recorded at its net book value.